paleo diet

paleo diet


Yesterday was my 5 month date for starting keto diet and I’m amazed that I’ve basically reached my goal weight!!

[69lbs lost ]( (nsfw)

[edit: added another face photo]

There are so many benefits to keto diet, not only the weight loss.

extra energy

No more plantar fasciitis

No longer super sleepy

My only downside I have received is I have more face breakouts and I never had them before. Damn chin and jawline pimples!!

I started out making all sorts of treats and fat bombs and such but it was so much work, and my boyfriend would eat them all up so fast. I’ve slowly drifted off and now only make them for special occasions.

Snack - wise I eat sugar free jello almost daily and smart sweets gummy bears occasionally. I don’t need them, but if temptations are running high- I like to indulge.

Otherwise my keto meal plans are pretty consistent. Meat and veggie! Caesar salad, Broccoli! Cauliflower has so many options as to how to prepare it- and I’m getting a little better in making it.

I haven’t gone to a gym once, however my work as a mailman is pretty physical, so I walk on average 10K 5 days a week. That has helped me to be distracted enough not to boredom eat low carb diet. I don’t eat until I come home from work, which can be around 6-7pm some nights and only eat until about 10pm. Fasting otherwise.

The worst part is I guess I have body dysmorphia. I still look down and see fat me. But the pictures don’t lie, and neither does the scale. I swear I think I lost all my weight from the top down- losing from the face and chest in the first couple months and finally my thighs and butt are finally taking some different shapes!

Honestly, TAKE THE BEFORE PICTURE! It helps at every step along the way to see how you have progressed.

I have snuck in some “cheats” because that’s life- and I think now I have enough self power to be able to eat one chip, or have one cookie and walk away. (At special occasions) I don’t have any chronic issues as some of you might- so take that as you will, you may not be able to do the same.

I think I gained all my weight in the past from boredom eating. Just sitting on the couch watching tv- and needing to eat something. Of course, I never ate anything good for me.

I am determined to not gain back this weight, although it may happen at some point down the road- I can’t let that bog me down. I am here for the health benefits as well as all the new clothing I’ve had to purchase!

Overall, a life changer. If you’re thinking about starting this diet- just do it. If you keep saying next Monday, just try to start now ! Clean out your pantry! Clean out your fridge if you can- eliminate the temptation. If you slip up- it’s ok- as long as you get right back on after.

Can’t figure out how to change my flair right now- I’m at SW: 220 GW:150 CW: 151

I have gone from an XL to a SM shirt.

Pant size 18 to size 8.



Thank you for all of your helpful weight loss products! I never expected anywhere near this response!

I see I’ve inspired some of you to continue with your goals, or start brand new and I’m so so happy to hear it! In my own life I’ve inspired my auntie and brother in law.

When I started I never thought I could do it, and here we are only a short time later. I ate like complete crap before- basically a 180. It’s amazing.

If I can do it, so can you.